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[Tutorial] Transferring Character Morphs G1G2G3G8
The first version of this workflow came from Kattey on the DAZ forum, for which I acknowledge credit. 
Here is that (lengthy) thread:
Here's another thread with a method that might be better on eye distortion, I haven't tried yet:
Here's what I've been doing myself. 
First of all, however: there are two ways to recreate a character.  There is the easy way, which is not redistributable, and the hard way, which is.  We'll discuss the easy way first.  I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for those of you who absolutely can't learn from text.  This is what I have time for right now.
Load Genesis 1.  Dial in your character morph.  There cannot be anything in the scene except the single figure while we do this.  No hair, no clothes, no props.  Or if they are there, you must hide them by c
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 334 225
[Tutorial] Convert Clothing G3 to G8, G8 to G3
09/21/17 UPDATE: Added fix for the sleeves issue to each section.  Rotations have to be baked.
Here's the YouTube video.

For this tutorial you need:

Genesis 3 Female from
Genesis 8 Female from
This will only work between these two figures, possibly between their male counterparts in the future if there is a G8 Male.  It will not work between any previous figures, or between these and previous figures.
An item of clothing for one of them that you want to convert to the other one.
Here's a Genesis 3 Pose for Genesis 8, to save time. You can also make your own.
Scene Tab and Parameters Tab in Daz Studio 4.9.  If you lack a tab, you can add it using Window--Panes (Tabs) and clicking the one that you need.
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 248 169
In the lake by SammyScuffles
Mature content
In the lake :iconsammyscuffles:SammyScuffles 11 0
Iray Teeth shader by Sangriart Iray Teeth shader :iconsangriart:Sangriart 63 10 The Awakening by 3D-Naama
Mature content
The Awakening :icon3d-naama:3D-Naama 176 29
[Tutorial] Indenting Skin Where It Touches Objects
(I will link a YouTube version when I have one.  Hopefully I can fix my mic's current issues soon.)
Today I'm going to show you how to force a figure in Daz Studio to indent when in contact with clothes, ropes, or other objects.  This is not a feature of the program at the moment (figures having physics is still a long way out, I suspect).  We can use a kludge to make it happen.
I was asked about this via PM, and I realized I hadn't actually tried it on the assumption that it would not work.  When I did try it, it actually DID work.  It's very unstable and somewhat crash-prone in my testing, and the higher poly the colliding object is the more unstable it is, but it works.
Here is the workflow I used.
1.  Load a figure into the scene.  I don't know if the geometry of Generation 4 is too different or not, but it might still work.  Definitely any Genesis figure will.
2.  Set up everything else in your scene: the clothes, the props, the lightin
:iconsickleyield:SickleYield 83 54
Quick 'n easy Iray wet skin tutorial
I looked for tutorials on how to make sweaty/wet skin in Iray renders, and I ended up using an easy fix of my own. The problem is, with default values it's impossible to make skin look wet. Here's a typical setup, with an Uber shader, glossy layered weight set to 1, glossy reflectivity 1 and glossy roughness 0.1:

The glossy highlights are barely visible, mostly because the glossy color textures are really dark. Tutorials either involve removing them, which gives a plastic wrap effect, or tweaking the top coat setting with custom textures. The solution I found just involves slightly messing up the default values. Just select the character's skin, edit the glossy layered weight parameters and remove the limits:

Then you can boost the glossy effect to your heart's content. Here's the result when set to 10:

The highlights are much larger, and the whole skin
:iconerismanor:Erismanor 30 6
Lunatarian: Synergy by Filara Lunatarian: Synergy :iconfilara:Filara 8 7 Bed Company by EngelsSchwert
Mature content
Bed Company :iconengelsschwert:EngelsSchwert 5 1
Merging two props into one jointed prop in DAZ
I recently posted a video showing how to add new joints to an existing prop in DAZ Studio.  This video takes the concepts of that video to the next level, combining two props into a single jointed figure.  The example used here is combining an earring with a navel piercing to create a new navel piercing, keeping only the geometry we want to make it look like it was an original figure.
:iconcwichura:cwichura 15 3
[Tutorial] [Iray] Environment Lighting and You.
To get the ball rolling on some lighting tutorials, I'll start with one on Environment Lighting, and the various things it can do for you. If you have any clarifications or discrepancies with my explanations, please let me know! I'm learning this too, so this is just my current interpretation of it.
The first thing I would always suggest doing is to turn the "headlamp" on all of your cameras to "off". On "Auto", it won't light the scene if there's any other light object in the scene, but it will still activate it if all you are using is environmental lighting. The headlamp basically ensures that your entire scene is lit, by using a light at the camera. As it is a genuine light source, it can cause problems with shadows and flatten an otherwise dynamic image.
So to start with, I've asked Julianne, just back from her cosplay shoot, to give us a hand.

This will be our basic image to start with. My camera is set to "headlamp auto" so it will
:iconslimmckenzie:SlimMckenzie 36 44
Two of a kind by Hera-of-Stockholm Two of a kind :iconhera-of-stockholm:Hera-of-Stockholm 157 84 My Dragonswarm by Edheldil3D My Dragonswarm :iconedheldil3d:Edheldil3D 48 46



KCRileyGyer's Profile Picture
KC Riley-Gyer
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I'm a writer, author, 3d artist by way of Daz Studio. I love reading and watching movies and tv, archery and shooting and enjoy watching motorbike racing. Each of these have been an inspiration towards my writing, which in turn inspires my attempts at art.


No journal entries yet.


Thad is a character from an upcoming novel. Was just having a bit of fun with him. I've tweaked him since this image was done.

G3M, Daz Studio, iray render.
Katherine, a character from an upcoming novel. The image isn't a scene from the novel, it's actually just me playing with lighting.

G3F, Daz Studio, iray render.
Breezy Alert
Was testing out the hair for a friend while combining it with a two spotlight challenge.

Daz Studio
Dawn Watch
Was just having a bit of fun. Her colours based off her feather hair.

G2F or G3F (been a while)
For a bit of fun, this is a screen capture of a scene in Daz Studio I was working on last year. The scene had no lights and I was mousing over the back wall when that highlight appeared. Despite me knowing what the scene is, I still thought it cool for the suggestiveness of those silhouettes. What do you think is happening?


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