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Book 2 - Teaser 2 by KCRileyGyer Book 2 - Teaser 2 by KCRileyGyer
Changes in Degrees

The six of them were sitting at a table near the kiosk, just an open shed serving basic food and drink with a few picnic tables and bench seats, when she saw him and held her breath. She couldn’t stop staring at him.

As far as she was concerned the clear cool June winter’s day had just become a little warmer for her. As if it was planned, to her way of thinking, out of the speakers of the kiosk played the song ‘Breathless’ by The Corrs, and that was the effect he had on her when she caught sight of him.

Judging his height against the white Jeep Grand Cherokee at his back, which he was leaning against, she guessed he was over 185cm tall, give or take a centimetre or more. Unfortunately, judging height and distance weren’t her strong points.


With this one and the previous image, I had fun changing the settings in iray's Environment via Render Settings. While he looks the same as the previous image, his facial expression (subtle as it is) has changed.

DS 4.8 Iray render
G2 F&M
Everything in the scene is from DAZ 3D
GeForce GTX 570
Postwork is the insert and its border only
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May 11, 2015
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